JEMS Church planters in Iwate

Gearing up for Christmas

Step aside Santa, there’s a new Sheriff in town…

colonel santa


I feel like I’ve used the phrase ‘gearing up for…’  before in my missionary updates, perhaps even on this blog. Whatever. How you all doing? Merry Christmas! Christmas in Japan used to be about making sure you have a date and aren’t alone for the evening, or at least going out for some KFC. Now there’s Christmas decorations and other things, and I expect by the time I’m a grandparent I’ll have to buy just as many Christmas presents as American grandparents in the States. Consumerism wins. But! That also means a holiday with the word ‘Christ’ in the name is becoming more well known in Japan, the land of the kami (gods).


This year at our church plant we’re hosting various Christmas programs, and with the English Club crowd we have more people to share Jesus with. I’m not sure how many of them will show up, but that’s the thing, you never know, but God still works. We try to create opportunities for people to encounter Jesus, and it’s happened more in our first two years in Tohoku than I expected it would. After Christmas we’ll be back in the States for a short home service, but we’ll be back in time for Summer VBS, where we’ll look to create more opportunities for people to encounter Jesus. Thanks for your prayers!


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