JEMS Church planters in Iwate

VBS 2015 at Morioka Minami Church

  • This year’s VBS saw over 30 kids during the week and 65 people at Sunday Church (more than double our regular number and 25 more people than chairs in the building!)
  • Many of our VBS kids and their families this year were returners from our other programs like men’s basketball and English clubs.
  • As we’ve been on home assignment in California for the past seven months,VBS was a great time to see old friends and warm up contacts as we prepare to return to Japan full-time in September.
  • Thank you all so much for your prayers, gifts, and help in running our VBS! Iwate is one of Japan’s least reached prefectures, and the Japanese are one of the largest unreached people groups in the world, thanks for helping to bring the light of the gospel to families who have become comfortable with church people, but haven’t yet received Jesus as their savior, ground is being tilled, and we continue to pray for harvest!


flying renji

The VBS kids had a good time with the animal shaped beach balls. With a creation theme we were able to use a lot of familiar concepts.

vbs coloring

We also had coloring sheets where the kids were able to reinforce the days of creation.

vbs english game

English practice using a drill from Aquila’s old karate class. Kid’s slapped the ground if they knew the flash card.

vbs sched

Our daily schedule in pretty form

vbs water fight

And of course a highlight for many of the VBS kids each year, the water day


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