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Ministry Tools!

As we look ahead to our return to Japan it’s fun to think about what we will be doing. Maki and I (Jon writes this blog) have tried to think through what has worked for us in the past and what tools are available to us. We like people, which is good. We have small children, which is also good. So we are thinking to start a kid’s club, which would help us to connect with the community while giving a non-threatening introduction to Christianity and the local church. The awesome thing about working as a team with hundreds of prayer partners is that sometimes they get excited about the ministry, and are able to add their gifts and areas of expertise to our bag of tricks. A great example of this happened last month when one of the craftiest people we know bought us a bunch of tools for children’s ministry in Japan! These items are already on their way to Japan. They could be on a large boat with a giant black cat carrying a giant black kitten in its mouth adorning the ship’s hull.

And after it is offloaded from that boat (which doesn’t seem to exist, a google search suggests the company uses airplanes), it gets delivered to us in Japan on one of these trucks.

The kids should get a kick out of painting these and then throwing them around the church. Hopefully the paint will be dry before they take flight. Or, hopefully the paint is washable.

There is enough paint here to paint Noah’s ark, which is good.

While the kids pictured above are now probably in their late 40’s, the kids in our ministry programs in Japan are gonna love this parachute!

Of course, if all else fails, we can play Dodgeball.

Thanks to our friends who took the time to choose and give these (and many other) great games and crafts so that we can hit the ground running with these children’s programs in Iwate prefecture! We plan to use these tools to reach kids in various communities, both for church planting efforts and for tsunami survivor programs (many families are still in temporary housing from the tsunami that struck two years ago). Also, thanks to all of you who pray for our ministry! Without our prayer and support team we wouldn’t have the opportunity to share the gospel in Iwate, the third least reached prefecture in Japan.

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  1. Great blog update! I love the new format and banner pic…although the original was great also!

    BTY, we appreciated your “Thank You” which we received today. It is our pleasure to help you share the love of Jesus with the people of Japan!

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